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Working with Luke Jones, the Managing Director of Weststate Energy was an absolute pleasure. Weststate Energy is committed to providing effective and efficient electrical services, communications and sustainable energy solutions for industrial, commercial and mining industries.

Upon arrival at Weststate Energys’  immaculate workshop we sensed the prerequisite standard of professionalism and quality. Luke wanted to use a small footprint container but maximise its storage ability for heavy pieces of equipment his on-site team used regularly. We went to the drawing board and gave Luke the best solution for the equipment using a 10ft container.

Traditionally the heavy cable drum stands where stored on the ground which wasn’t ideal for lifting, under Luke’s instruction he wanted them to be stored in an upright position but also ensure they were secure whilst in transit. Along with the cable drum stands, the container organised their cable socks with the use of the hooks on the front wall and tub storage on the 3 tier shelving.

This job was a perfect example of great collaboration between Phoenix Containers and its clients, the client knows what they want and we come up with how to do it.  The 10ft container came up exactly as planned and all personnel on site were happy with the new storage method, making it safer, easier and the team more efficient.

Thanks Luke, we will see you on the next job!!